Audio Description UK

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hello and welcome to IMS's audio description UK blog. First, a declaration of interest: IMS is an independent company providing audio description and other access services to TV stations, film distributors and other media organisations. There aren't many resources on the Net for people to discuss the audio description services currently available in the UK so we'd like to encourage you to post comments on this blog on anything pertaining to AD. Do you have family members or friends who use audio description and want to tell their stories? Have you heard audio description for your favourite TV show and want to shout about how great it was? Have you been to a specially-equipped cinema in the UK with audio description on the latest big movie, only to be sorely disappointed by what you heard? It's easy to take part - post your comment, and we'll feed them back to our clients (where appropriate) and provide expert responses from our audio description team, led by Veronika Hyks.